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We offer several classes

tigerTigers (ages 4.5 – 7)

This is an energetic and structured class instructed by Sensei. Even at this young age, children learn strong fundamental karate skills. In other words, these children do real karate… not play karate! They practice basics, line drills doing techniques down the dojo floor, plyometrics (explosive exercises), kata and sparring drills. Over time, children gain tremendous strength in their legs and cat-like agility. There is a significant emphasis on focus and concentration as well. Some of the older children volunteer their time to assist Sensei in the classroom, and serve as role models for the younger kids.


dragonDragons (ages 8 – 12)

As our young dragons continue to refine their basic skills, they also get more experience in kata and sparring. This class, also taught by Sensei, provides a physical challenge to students and over time, greatly improves their fitness level. Karate students often excel in other sports due to their increased strength, speed, and agility. In karate, we continuously work on improving our focus and concentration, which also has benefits in school. This is the age where kids blossom in karate! We have several national champions in this age group. We offer classes for beginning students, intermediate students, as well as mixed-level and specialty classes.


warriorWarriors (ages 13 – 65)

These classes, taught by a variety of instructors, are geared toward more mature students. We have classes early in the AM, afternoons and evenings. There are at least 7 options a week to fit students’ busy schedules. A number of our adults have improved their quality of life with weight loss, fewer aches and pains, as well as increased flexibility, agility, and strength. Often, gyms try to duplicate the exercises taught in martial arts through group classes, but teach poor technique leading to injury. Here, you will not only get the best workout, but you will learn how to defend yourself, and gain self confidence by continuously testing yourself and striving for improvement.


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