290 Tpke Road, Suite 130A– Westborough, MA 01581 – tel: 774-239-1346

Two convenient locations:

Main Dojo in Shrewsbury, MA — But also classes held in Westford MA at One Stop Fun.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes can you attend?

There is no limit to the number of classes a student can attend. Most students attend class twice a week. The schedule is flexible. You may change what days you attend at your convenience. Students should attend 8 classes per month.

When can you start?

There is open enrollment. You may start any time. Please let Sensei know what day you intend to start. You will need to arrive about 10 -15 minutes before the first class to get uniforms.

No previous experience?

No problem. The beginning of every class is geared for beginner through experienced students. We have plenty of assistants to help and the class is often broken down into experience levels.



What sets this school apart?

We have flexible class options, seasoned instructors and practice legitimate realistic techniques. Sensei is a 3 times National Champion. Shotokan karate is a traditional martial art. It is the most recognized style of karate in the world. 

Do you practice full contact sparring?

Absolutely not. Our karate sparring is point sparring. There is a huge emphasis on control and accuracy. Karate is now an Olympic sport and many of our guest instructors are USANKF national coaches.

Getting Started

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    Pick a time and day that works for you. You will want to come early for your first class if you need a uniform.

  • E-mail sensei at massdojo@gmail.com to set up your first class.

  • Please fill out the contract form sections: student information, customer information, emergency contact information and sign the waiver on the back. You can pay by check, cash or credit card for the trial month.