Private Lessons

**There is a $20 cancellation fee within 4 hours of the lesson***

You do not need to contact Sensei if you are choosing a different instructor.  Please coordinate with them and they will inform sensei.  All payments are made at least 48 hours in advance at the dojo.

  • Kata lessons should be no more than two people (unless team kata).
  • Half hour kata lessons are for one person only.
  • There are no 1/2 hour kumite lessons.
  • Kumite lessons are best suited for groups of 2, 4 or 6.
  • Video taping is highly recommended.  No posting on websites though.
  • Bring a notebook and provide to instructor.
  • Summer is the best time to do private lessons. 

Instructor Private Lessons:

$75 1 hour private (for 1)
$40 1/2 hour private (for 1)
$45 each semi-private (for 2)
$30 each semi-private (for 3 or more)

Junior Instructor Private Lessons:

$65 hour
$35 each semi-private (2) or $70
$25 each semi-private (3) or $75
$25 each semi-private (4) or $100